Making a simple custom command

This guide will take you through making a simple custom command that responds with a fixed message

Formatting your code

The custom commands require that you enter your code in a specific format, the simplest and quickest way is to just enter your code right after the command:

!custom add command test return "One liner"

This has drawbacks though, as you can only enter one line and for schedules or autoresponders you can only enter one word as your trigger. To get around this, you can use lua code blocks:

!custom add autorespond hello bot
return "Hello, "

Testing your code

Before creating your command, it's useful to try and run the code. This will run as if you had just performed your custom command, with all the same data attached.

!custom run return "Hello World!"

Adding your command

Once you're happy with your response, you can add it as an actual command using !custom add. For example, if you wanted your command to be !hello, you would run:

!custom add command hello return "Hello World!"

This tells the bot to add a new command called hello which returns the text Hello World!

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